True North announced at the end of 2015 that practitioners would no longer provide health care services to patients as of January 1, 2016.  As we began our fifteenth year we instead, turned our focus to celebrating the extraordinary experiment that has been True North through documenting our research and history. We also spent 2016 providing for patient needs such as organizing charts and providing copies of medical records.

True North began as a small group meeting in the basement of Mercy Hospital with physicians, nurses, administrators, staff, and community members asking questions like: “What is wrong with the health care system?” and “Could a small group of dedicated healers create positive change for both patients and practitioners?” We have learned many things and in 2016, we began to collate our research and to write about our experience of running a non-profit organization dedicated to changing health care and inspiring individuals to live healthier lives through integrative care, education and research.  We also continued to manage our supplement store as part of our continuing research.

As we continue to refocus our energies we wish to thank everyone who has supported this remarkable project in so many ways – your daring to explore alternate paths to healing, your loyalty in visits and donations, and your good words in the community have sustained us far beyond that of any of the “integrative clinics” we studied so carefully before initiating our project.

To Purchase Supplements:

Dr. Bethany Hays is willing to continue to assist former True North patients in obtaining the high quality supplements we sold in our store. In order to do this you will need to set up an account with Fullscript, an online distributor of the supplement companies recommended by True North. This is an efficient method for ensuring your supplement needs are addressed in a timely fashion.

To use the supplement ordering portal online or by telephone, contact Dr. Hays at Please include your name, telephone number and best time to reach you. She will provide ordering information to you via email.

To Request Medical Records:

As TN no longer exists all medical records are in the possession of practitioners. Please contact your practitioner directly using the list below. They will provide a records release form for your use.

If your practitioner does not have your chart, please send an email to and include your name, telephone number, name(s) of the practitioner(s) you saw at True North. Also, include the first and last name you used during that time. We will make every effort to locate your chart. This is a cumbersome process and may take some time to accomplish.

To Contact a Practitioner:

  • Miles Simmons, MD at his Portland office call 207-699-3830.
  • Allie Knowlton and Evelyn Rysdyk of Spirit Passages at their office in Yarmouth call 207-714-0111.
  • Bethany Hays, MD email at including for telephone consultations.
  • Fawn Dunphy, DC call at 207- 799-0972.
  • Annette (Caswell) Mueller, FNP call at 207- 482-0188. Specify you are looking for your True North records.
  • Rudy Mueller, DC email at
  • Peter Knight, ND call at 207- 805-1129.
  • Kathryn Landon-Malone call at 207- 761-4700.
  • Charles de Sieyes, MD and Reuben Bell, DO have retired from private practice.

To contact them and FOR ALL OTHERS, email at Specify your practitioners name and the first and last name you used during the time you were seen.

Please note: Maine state law allows charges of $5 for the first page and .45 cents for each additional page, up to a maximum of $250 for the entire treatment record. Whether or not you are charged, and how much, will be determined by the practitioner.